May 2024

Snow Day in Metro Atlanta!

I am about 30 miles out of Atlanta, Georgia and we got some snow today. Hope I can get these pics to work. Had some trouble getting the last ones to work right.

4 Responses to “Snow Day in Metro Atlanta!”

  • Lori Apgar says:

    Looks cold!!! I live in Nebraska and we have had snow on the ground since December ~ sooooo ready for spring!!

    Your blog looks nice!

  • Sandy says:

    Thanks, Lori! Yeah, it is cold to us. We’re not used to this stuff around here. It’s nice to look at it, but I’m a spring/summer girl too.

  • jamie says:

    Hi I came over from the cricut MB – i can’t say i’m jealous of your snow. Last year at one point we had almost 7 feet of snow (in eastern Washington). you couldn’t see our 4.5ft chain link fence and it took us until march to dig out my husband commuter car….

    This year we got nothing … bought a snowsuit and boots for my toddler never even took the price tag off. Thank you Atlanta for stealing our snow!

  • Lauren says:

    Your boxer is ADORABLE! That was quite a storm – I didn’t realize that Georgia got snow in that awful storm! We got 22+” in Philadelphia and there was another 20+” storm a few days before!


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