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Happy Eclipse Day!!! Tonight is the night. I have a date with a gorgeous, sparkly vampire at 12:01! For the occasion, I have painted some t-shirts for myself and a few friends. One of my besties and I are all about Edward, while my mom and a couple more of my awesome friends love all things Jacob. I did these shirts using the freezer paper method, which is terrific! There are many videos on youtube showing this method. For the front, I used a moon from the Don Juan cartridge. It is painted a light yellow with gold glitter, although in the pics, they look all white. The stars are from Pooh and Friends and the lettering is from Cake Basics. To make these stencils, I put the freezer paper on my Cricut Mat shiny side up. (It doesn’t stick as well to the mat.) The key here is to remember to flip the object because the paper will be shiny side down on the shirt. For the Cricut, the settings I used were Med pressure, Med speed(for things I didn’t use the gypsy on, like the lettering.) and a blade depth of 4. This paper cut beautifully! When done cutting, place the stencil on a prewashed t-shirt. Iron the stencil into place. The heat from the iron will make the shiny side of the paper tacky, so it sticks into place. I then just used a foam brush to paint on the Tulip Fabric Paint. I waited a few minutes before pulling the stencils off, just so I didn’t smear it and make a big mess, but I didn’t wait until it was completely dry. Hope you like the shirts. As for me, my vampire awaits!

and so the lion fell in love with the lamb Pictures, Images and Photos
And so the Lion fell in love with the lamb Pictures, Images and Photos