May 2024

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Happy Eclipse Day!!! Tonight is the night. I have a date with a gorgeous, sparkly vampire at 12:01! For the occasion, I have painted some t-shirts for myself and a few friends. One of my besties and I are all about Edward, while my mom and a couple more of my awesome friends love all things Jacob. I did these shirts using the freezer paper method, which is terrific! There are many videos on youtube showing this method. For the front, I used a moon from the Don Juan cartridge. It is painted a light yellow with gold glitter, although in the pics, they look all white. The stars are from Pooh and Friends and the lettering is from Cake Basics. To make these stencils, I put the freezer paper on my Cricut Mat shiny side up. (It doesn’t stick as well to the mat.) The key here is to remember to flip the object because the paper will be shiny side down on the shirt. For the Cricut, the settings I used were Med pressure, Med speed(for things I didn’t use the gypsy on, like the lettering.) and a blade depth of 4. This paper cut beautifully! When done cutting, place the stencil on a prewashed t-shirt. Iron the stencil into place. The heat from the iron will make the shiny side of the paper tacky, so it sticks into place. I then just used a foam brush to paint on the Tulip Fabric Paint. I waited a few minutes before pulling the stencils off, just so I didn’t smear it and make a big mess, but I didn’t wait until it was completely dry. Hope you like the shirts. As for me, my vampire awaits!

Name Plaques

One of my good friends has a set of beautiful identical twin girls who will be celebrating their 1st birthday this weekend. I picked up a couple of 4×16″ pine boards at Hobby Lobby along with some vinyl to make these plaques. The font is from the Storybook Cartridge, and the butterflies are from Cake Basics cartridge. There are some great cuts on those cake carts! The names are cut at 2.5″ if I can remember correctly. I laid it out on my gypsy, so I can’t remember exactly without pulling it back out. I’m pretty sure the butterflies are at 1.5″ height. You can’t see it very well on this pic, but the base of the butterfly is pink. I am very pleased with how well these came out. Hope you enjoy!

Topiaries in large quanities!

Hi. I have been very busy the past several weeks putting all these arrangements together for a retirement party. I had to do 20 of the Topiary arrangements which can be seen in a previous post, as well as 20 of the Tim Holtz rose arrangements, also previously posted. This was my first large event, and my mom and I were high fiving at 11:00 pm the night before the party as we finished up and got the last ones packed. I didn’t to get pics of them sitting at at the party as I was on stage during the presentation. I also couldn’t get them at home as I don’t have the space to sit out that many at one time. While we were finishing them up, I had them spread out over two rooms. But here they are all packed up and ready to go. At least you can see the massive amount of flowers that I put together!


This is an idea I got from a fellow member of the message board. The flowers are cut from the Sweethearts cart at 3″, 2.5″, 2″ and 1.5″. I then layered them together and used a corsage pin to hold it onto the Styrofoam sphere. Thanks to Vickie Bryan for the directions!!! The small pail I got at Hobby Lobby, and there is a Styrofoam disk in the bottom to hold the dowel. Hope you like it!

Tim Holtz Roses

Hi, everybody. It has been a while since I’ve posted, but I have a couple new projects to share. I have been asked to decorate for a retirement party coming up next month, and I wanted to share the pieces I will be showing as examples. The first is the Tim Holtz Roses. In the original version, he uses a sizzix die, but thanks to the wonderful Kathy Orta, these were made using the cricut. I believe I used the flower on Forever Young for these, but any 5 or 6 petal flower will work. He also uses grungepaper, but since I may need lots of these, and grungepaper is quite expensive, I used regular cardstock. Each rose takes 3 flower cut outs. These are cut at 2.5 inches, and I think I cut them on shadow. The outer petals just have a simple “X” cut into the center. The second has one petal cut out and folded together. The third flower cut has two petals removed and glued together like the first one. I then glued the layers together. Last, take the two petals that were cut out and fold or roll to form a cone shape. This is what makes the bud in the middle. I used hot glue in this project. Since it does not involve photos, it does not have to be acid free.  The basket is from the Mother’s Day Mini cart. This isn’t very difficult to make, but it is difficult to explain in words. For an excellent tutorial, check out Kathy Orta on You Tube, or her blog at www.paperphenomenon. She has a wonderful video showing how to make these flowers as well as lots of other great projects.

My furbaby!

I just thought I would share a photo of the best dog in the world!  This is my 2 year old Boxer, Tyson.


and so the lion fell in love with the lamb Pictures, Images and Photos
And so the Lion fell in love with the lamb Pictures, Images and Photos